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Guido Pagliarino



a Novel

Translation from italian to english by Barbara Maher

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New York, late evening of March 30, 1972: During a political banquet organized by the challenging candidate Senator Donald Montgomery in the run-up to the US presidential elections, a wealthy young woman, his well-known elector married to the very rich Peter White and a systematically adulterous woman who in the 50s had been the lover of the Italian Vittorio D`Aiazzo, deputy police commissioner of Turin, and in 1969 his friend Ranieri Velliís lover, is killed with a firearm. After killing a security guard who got in the way, a mysterious individual suddenly appeared at the door of the dining room, killed the woman, fled, and disappeared without trace. The only elements that the guests, Velli among them, recall of the murderer is the masked upper part of the face, the massive size, the modest height and the large grayish beard, characteristic features of Vittorio D`Aiazzo who in those same hours was not in Italy but in New York ...        TOP